Test & Measurement
Intest Thermal Solutions povide thermal solutions for semicnductor therma test

41 Hampden Rd
Mansfield, MA  02048
Phone: 781-688-2315

-  Temptronic ThermoStream Systems, -100 to +300C, no LN2 or LCO2 required.
-  Sigma Systems Thermal Chambers, -185 to +500C, configured for unique sizes, temperature ranges, transition speeds, and device access
-  Sigma Systems Thermal Platforms, -185 to +250C, for rapid, precise transitions of low profile devices including RF, IGBTs, and MOSFETS


-  Keithley Distribution Products

-  Data Acquisition

-  Source Measurement Units, DMM, etc.

9201 Irvine Blvd.
Irvine, CA 92618
Phone:  877-922-5427


9201 Irvine Blvd.
Irvine, CA 92618
Phone:  877-922-5427

-  Keysight Distribution Products

-  Oscilloscopes up to 8 GHz (1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 6000 and S-Series)

-  Power Supplies:  Bench supplies to rack mount

-  Spectrum Analyzer, Field Fox, VNA, SMU, etc.  


-  Tekronix Distribution Products

-  Oscilloscopes, Spectrum Analyzers and ARB's

9201 Irvine Blvd.
Irvine, CA 92618
Phone:  877-922-5427

Transcat - New and Used Test equipment

9201 Irvine Blvd.
Irvine, CA 92618
Phone:  877-922-5427

-  Used Test Equipment for sale, lease or rent
-  Most used equipment sold with 1 yr warranty and calibration certificate
-  ISO 17025 and ANSI Z-540-1 Calibration laboratory
-  Repair services for RF and DC test equipment

-  Keysight Distribution Products

-  Keithley Distribution Products

-  Tektronix Distribution Products

Burn-in & Test
Contech Solutions semi-custom sockets for test and failure analysis

631 Montague St
San Leandro, CA 94577
Phone:  510-357-7900

-  Global leader in design and manufacturing of Semi-conductor test interface products
-  High performance test sockets
-  Failure analysis test sockets
-  Semi-custom burn-in sockets
-  Test probes, socket savers, custom adapters and DUT boards

Incal burn-in systems for dynamic test

47613 Warm Springs Blvd.
Fremont, CA  94539-7470
Phone:  510-657-2130

-  Burn-in Systems; turn key solutions and retrofiting existing systems with drivers and software
-  Driver Boards and Burn in Boards (BIB's)
-  ATE Services for the V1000/1100/2100, HP82000, HP9470/9472/9473 and HP4062
-  ATE System sales for i9470/9472 (formely the HP9400 series tester)

Plastronics sockets for reliability and burn-in usin H-pin and soft molded technology

2601 Texas Drive
Irving, Tx  75062
Phone:  972-258-2580

-  World Leader in Reliability Test Sockets
-  Largest product offering for QFN and Dual Row QFN
-  BGA down to 0.5mm pitch
-  Memory Sockets including DDRII & DDRIII
-  H-pin technology: 6 amp upto 200C with 0.9mm compliance!

Backend Test
ITC pobe card analyers and UIL/UIS testers

1228 North Stadem Drive
Tempe, AZ  85281
Phone:  480-968-3459

-  Probilt probe card analyzers and repair stations: Manual to fully automatic
-  Ergonomic analyzers with greatest measurement resolution, highest throughput and most flexibility
-  Probe analyzers dedicated to incoming quality control and repair for cantilever, vertical and MEM's probe card technology

ITS cleaning solutions for semiconductor test at wafer and pakage level.

1595 Meadow Lane
Reno, NV  89502
Phone:  775-284-9220

-  Non-destructive probe card cleaning and probe shaping material's

-  Precision abrasive products for probe card cleaning and probe tip "reforming" and shaping

-  Non-destructive cleaning products for sockets (TCC)

-  Wafer Chuck Cleaning products for Etcher, Stepper, Lithography and Photo Deposition tools

JEM wafer level pobe cards for advanced technologies using cantilever, vertical and MEM's technoogy.

3000 Laurelview Court
Fremont, CA 94538
Phone:  510-683-9234

-  Wafer Level Probe Cards
-  Cantilever Production Probe Cards
-  Multi-Die Fine Pitch Probe Cards
-  Vertical High Parallel Probe Cards

Micromanipulator manufactures probe stations for semiconductor wafer and device level test, 300mm and below probe stations.

1555 Forrest Way
Carson City, NV 89706
Phone:  775-882-2400

-  Probe Stations for wafer and Package devices
-  Manual and Semiautomatic
-  Probe Head Manipulators and Probe Tip Accessories


Failure Analysis
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127 Ashland Ave
West Orange, NJ  07052
Phone:  973-669-3134

GE Xray Systems provie 2D and 3D computed temography for non-descturive analysis

-  Tabletop SEM:  Cube II, 5nm resolution, 10x to 300,000x magnification, Backscattered electron detectors, EDS capable

-  Big Chamber SEM:  Veritas Series, 5-axis stage, SE and BSE detectors, 10x to 300,000x magnification, 3nm resolution

-  2D/3D X-ray Systems
-  Nano resolution
-  Non-destructive Failure Analysis

50 Industrial Park Rd
Lewiston, PA  17044
Phone:  661-242-1967

Hamamatsu Photonic provide industy leading failuare analysis techniques such as EMI, Laser based, thermal analysis.

360 Foothill Road
Bridgewater, NJ 08807
Phone:  800-524-0504

-  Emission Microscopy Systems
-  Front side and Backside Inspection
-  Wafer Package Preparation Systems
-  Inverted Emission Microscopy Systems

IXRF Systems provide stand alone uXRF tools and EDS for SEM based tools

10421 Old Manchaca Rd

Ste 620

Austin, TX  78748

Phone:  512-386-6100

Nisene Technologies provide decapsulation tools (JetEtch) and plasma etch tools

384 Pine Street
Watsonville, CA  95076
Phone:  888-474-6540

Sela provdes cleaving techologis or SEM/TEM/FIB sample preperation

473 Sapena Ct. Suite 6
Santa Clara, CA  95054
Phone:  408-606-8189

Nordson Sonoscan provide CSAM non-destrctve failure analysis using ultra-sound

2149 E. Pratt Blvd.
Elk Grove Village, IL 60007
Phone: 847-437-6400

-  Micro-XRF with spot size <10um

-  Industry leading 50kV/50W/1mA x-ray tube

-  Largest active detector area; 30mm^2 to 150mm^2

-  Motorized X,Y and Z stage; speed up to 300mm/s with accuracy <1um

-  JetEtch; Automated Acid Decapsulation

-  CuProtect system designed specifically to preserve copper bond wires during etch

-  TotalProtect offers all the features of the CuProtect with the added functionality of hot and cold temperature control

-  PlasmaEtch is a directional plasma etched designed to rapidly etch selective materials.

-  World leader of Micro cleaving tools to achieve high accuracy and high quality cleaving

-  Benchtop manual and semi-automatic cleaving tools

-  SEM Sample Preparation of Crystalline Materials with High quality, High Accuracy and High Throughput

-  TEM sample preparation tools using Adaptive Ion Milling Technology

-  Non-Destructive internal Failure Analysis Inspection and analysis using Acoustic Microscopy and Acoustic Micro Imaging (AMI) technology
-  GEN6 Delivers the broadest range of capabilities and the most advanced features.
-  D24 Series:  24” x 24” scanning area perfectly suited for large area samples, component inspection on PC boards and multiple JEDEC trays
-  D9600 Ideal for failure analysis, process development and material characterization.
-  AW300 Series:  Automatically handles, inspects and sorts bonded wafers
-  SonoLab services: Materials Characterization and Qualification, High-Capacity Screening and Lot Reclamation, Failure Analysis, Inspection and Audit Services and Training

SMT, Bonding & Test
Omron Inspection Systems manfacture SMT inspection equipment for automated inspection (AOI), solder Joint inspection (SPI) and automated xry (AXI)

-  Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)
-  Solder Paste Inspection (SPI)

-  Automated Xray Inspection (AXI)

2895 Greenspoint Parkway

Suite 200

Hoffman Estates IL  60169

Panasonic Factory Automation manufacture SMT placement and SMTprinters

-  Scalable Any Mix, Any Volume Pick-n-Place, Laser Markers and Screen Printer for SMT Line

-  PanaCIM Sofware Modules for Data Managment

-  Integrated or Complete Solutons

1701 Gold Road, suite 3-1200

Rolling Meadows, IL  60008

Simplimatic Automation - (2.25x2,600dpi,

-  Material Handling and Automation Systems

-  Edge Belt, Tabletop, Mat Top, Optical, Air and Cap conveyor's

-  Board unload/Loaders

1046 W. London Park Drive

Forest, VA  24551

TPT wire bonders for manualand semi-automatic applications

-  Semi-auto and manual wire bonders
-  Wedge and Ball bond on a single machine

Laerchenweg 59
D-85757 Karlsfeld
Munich Germany

XYZ Tec bond testers - wire pull, die shear, bump shear and bump pull

36 Balch Avenue
Groveland, MA  01834

Phone: 978-373-4292

-  Bond Testers, flexible and configurable for large variety of test
-  Ball shear, solder shear, bending, cavity shear, cold bump pull, die shear, fatigue, high speed impact, lead integrity, lid torque, overhanging die, passivation layer gold ball shear, ribbon peel, ribbon pull, stud pull, total ball shear, zone shear, tweezer pull, vector pull, wedge andd ribbon shear, wire pull, et....