ECO 810 Datasheet

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Temptronics inTest ThermoStream ECO Series


The ECO series is an environmentally friendly Temptronics ThermoStream temperature forcing system that uses less energy with very low audible noise.  The temperature test system operates on a low, 20-amp circuit and incorporates quiet technology that operates at 56 dBA.  The ECO-810 (60Hz) is designed for 24/7/365 day use in production or lab environment where audible noise, heat dissipation and energy usage are of concern.​​  

These fast, precise temperature forcing systems provide effective testing and conditioning of electronic components, boards and modules. 

System Performance:
  • Temperature Control -80 to 225 degrees Celsius

  • NO LN2 or LCO2 required

  • Airflow rates up to 18 scfm (8.5 l/s) Continuous

  • Transition rates: 

    • -55 to 125C, approximately 10 seconds​

    • 125 to -55C, approximately 10 seconds​​

  • Temperature display and resolution +/- 0.1C​

  • DUT Temperature Control algorithm enables DUT temperature to be directly controlled

  • 20 Amp operation

  • Local and Remote operation through ports (Ethernet, IEEE-488, RS232)

  • No Annual check is required per EU 517/2014 F-Gas Regulation

Facility Requirements:​​

  • 200-250 VAC (230V nominal), 60Hz, 20 amp, 1 phase

  • Clean Dry Air (CDA), filtered to 5 micron particulate contamination, Oil content <0.1 ppm at a dewpoint of <10C @ 6.2 BAR (90PSI)

  • Air supply Pressure 6.2 to 7.6 BAR (90 to 110 PSIG)

  • Total air flow rate required 7.1 to 14.2 l/s (15-30 scfm)

  • Humidity 0 to 60%, 45% nominal

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