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Temptronic ThermoStream Rental

NW Test Solutions, Inc. is unique in the rental market for thermal forcing units; in addition to renting and leasing Thermo Streams, we also have the exclusive right to sell InTEST Thermal Solutions Temptronics products in the Pacific Northwest.  With over 15 years experience specifying the correct options and features we are sure to help you through your testing requirements.  Click here to see more information on renting Thermo Streams. 

NW Test Solutions, Inc. is a small business with the flexibility to offer rent, lease or rent to own options.  IF your application requires a different model to what we currently have in stock we are open to sourcing the correct stream with a 6 month or longer rental period.  

Call us to discuss your application and we'll provide our many years of experience to help specify the correct thermal forcing unit.

Request a quote or additional Information: call us at 503-597-1330 or contact us by email

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5291 NE Elam Young Pkwy
Suite 190
Hillsboro, OR 97124

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